Sorting plant

Daily we import 50 tones of unsorted clothing called „Original“ from the European Union and other countries. This original is sorted in a renovated complex of our company in Opatov by the town Svitavy. The goods is being sorted by about 150 employees actually who are able to re-sort 50 tones of goods per day. The goods is sorted according to particular ranges or to its quality:

a) the goods that is unsaleable on the czech market – is exported to Africa, Pakistan, Iraque, to the contries of former USSR etc.

b) damaged or debased goods - is sold to purchasers who are able to work up this goods further. It concerns cotton, wool, feather, hollow fibre, denim etc.

c) the best quality – this goods is sold to retailers in the Czech Republic.

Quality of goods is checked by our forewomen consistently. They have had a long-time experience with our customer´s needs on the czech market. Because of great sorting technique and ability to sell all of imported goods (also the goods that is unsaleable in the Czech Republic) to abroad we are able to offer the high-quality goods to retailers in the Czech Republic.

Would you like to buy the sorted high-quality second-hand goods from us? Then contact our centralized warehouse in Opatov please. The best solution for you and for a better co-operation with Opatex is to fill in the form HERE to meet your requirements.

Our emplyees will be in touch with you as soon as possible and you can arrange purchasing terms and co-operation opportunities.

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