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Branded clothes for everyone

Are you longing for buying nice brand fashion for affordable prices? Would you like to start your own business with second-hand clothing? Alternatively, are you only searching for a new supplier? Our warehouses receive about 50 tons of textile daily, so that you have really a wide choice of goods by us. As a recycling company we circulate the clothes back, otherwise it would become waste. Let´s go together to give the second chance to clothes!

What are our advantages?

  • As the only company on the Czech market we offer a wholesale purchase also sale of clothes in pieces
  • We sort out the goods in our own sorting house
  • We collect only the best pieces of clothes from all over the world
  • We sell only first quality goods in the Czech Republic
  • 100 % of goods is being recycled; items that haven´t been sold in the Czech Republic are exported into other countries