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Sorting house

Second-hand textile is sorted on a specialized sorting line

All delivered goods is sorted out on our site in Opatov by Svitavy with the area of more than 15 000 m2. There work about 150 of trained employees, who sort out up to 25 tons of textile daily. Second-hand goods is sorted on the modern line into three categories based on product quality. The clothes is sorted based on quality, not on brands. Brand-named goods of the first quality is the best one you can get on our market with second-hand fashion.

Up to hundreds kilos of textile are sent to our stores from the headquarters daily.

Třídírna second hand Opatex Opatov

The goods is sorted into 3 categories

  • First quality, second-hand goods for the Czech market, retailers and also for individual customers
  • Second quality, damaged goods (coloured or somehow devaluated goods) for customers, who manufacture this kind of goods further (cotton, hollow fibre)
  • Third quality, goods that is unsellable on the Czech market, is delivered to countries out of EU

Textile is protected against dust and humidity

To store our sorted textile a very practical system of firm carton boxes fixed together with a PET tape is used. Thanks to their resistance the boxes can be placed in more layers. In those boxes the textile is protected against creases, dust and humidity.

Did you know that …

  • Textile industry is the second biggest producer of waste worldwide,
  • More than one hundred billion pieces of clothes are produced worldwide, during the same year nearly 60 % of them become waste,
  • fashion has become fast-moving consumer goods, people buy clothes nearly more than three or four times often then 20 years ago,
  • up to one third of clothes becomes waste right after first wearing?

We are a recycling company, we sort out without any waste

Textile of the second and third quality is not delivered to the Czech market at all. We export this type of goods to countries out of Europe thanks to our long-time business relationships. Textile is transported in the most economical form in containers by ship or by train. Therefore, there is no waste from our goods.