We offer all the second-hand branded goods for bargain prices. This goods is bought from inland retailers and then either sold to end customers (children, men and women clothing, utensils, handbags, belts, toys etc.) or worked up further (cotton, wool, feather, hollow fibre). The goods is sold per kilograms and in accordance to ranges. You can find the price list HERE.

Would you like to buy the sorted high-quality second-hand goods from us? Then contact our centralized warehouse in Opatov please. The best solution for you and for a better co-operation with Opatex is to fill in the form HERE to meet your requirements.

Our employees will be in touch with you as soon as possible and you can arrange purchasing terms and co-operation opportunities.


Along with sales of second-hand, which makes us the real European leader, we have also been involved in outlet stocks business since 2013. These mostly include clothing of well-known brands, which has not been sold in common retail shops, has been returned with light defects or because they did not fit the buyer.

Currently we neither sell the „outlet stocks“ in our retail chain nor we offer them to end customers and we are not going to change this. We sell stocks just by containers (20’,40’,40’hq) and we ship as we get.

If you are interested in current offer of stocks (brands, quantity) please do not hesitate to contact our sales representative. You will be informed on stocks availability and possibility of supply, because apart from second-hand there may be some restrictions.


              You can also read some news about Opatex on our Facebook profile HERE.