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We are recycling high quality clothes

We import about 50 tons tones of textile to our warehouses with the area of more than 15 000 m2 daily. Up to 25 tons of textile are sorted every day.

Sorting process is ensured by our qualified employees, who follow determined rules. Each piece is sorted based on material quality, worn-out state or type. Based on quality the goods is sorted into three quality categories.

Second-hand goods unsellable in the Czech Republic is not disposed. It is distributed to the countries where can be used further (Africa, Iraq, Pakistan). We manage to sort out 100% of second-hand clothes efficiently and completely. Only first quality fashion is sold on the Czech market.

What second-hand goods can you get from Opatex?

  • Kids clothing for littles also for school children, e.g. trousers, sweatshirts, jumpers
  • Womenswear of all possible sizes
  • Menswear of different materials and sizes
  • Soft goods (pillows, bed linens, towels, tablecloths)
  • Accessories as handbags, belts or toys
  • Textile for next processing (cotton, jumpers, feathers, hollow fibre)

Who can buy textile from us?

The purchase in our store is not limited. You can order a few tons of clothes or a jumper only. As the only company on the Czech market we are selling wholesale second-hand goods in pieces. We co-operate with many second-hand retailers that are supplied by our high quality goods. Our door is opened for everyone. If you are interested in starting your own fashion business, we are prepared to be helpful at the maximum.

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Buy bargain in large quantities

  • Thing about the fitting range of products well. If you have for example no idea about order quantities, please let us know to give you support.
  • Please mention all data by ordering to shorten the dispatch term. Our customers most often forget to add company registration number, tax identification number, phone number or a way of shopping.
  • The goods is sent by registered post or paid cash on delivery. Nevertheless, we recommend you to buy personally in our store.